Do Architects Really Understand the Value of Innovative Landscape Architecture?

    by Brandon Reed / September 28, 2017

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    Designing great outdoor spaces for high-end developments is of vital importance to architects and developers who seek to gain a competitive edge against similar properties in Utah. Just as you are more likely to take an apartment that is well designed and functional, a potential client is more likely to buy or rent in your property if its outdoor spaces are appealing and inviting.

    In order to make the landscape work for you, the design should enhance the overall look and image of your building, but the design elements should also serve a functional purpose. This can only be achieved through a creative, high quality design. 

    This is what thoughtfully designed and installed landscape architecture will do for developments across Utah:

    1. Convey the right message

    Your firm or your property has a brand, and your landscape design needs to speak to that. If you want to convey an image, whether it be sustainable, professional, or informal, for instance, there are landscape elements that can translate that message. Examples include Zen features for comforting spaces; dancing fountains for relaxing outdoor spaces; wildflower plantings and green roofs for sustainability-oriented buildings, or minimalist designs for contemporary businesses.  

    2. Set your property apart 

    If you are positioning your high-end mixed-use development or residential tower as a premium alternative, it needs to look that way. That means going far beyond the typical “shrub-it-up” look to a more sophisticated, layered and textured landscape architecture.

    3. Make people engage with the building

    Your landscape design can either encourage people to stay longer and linger, or it can keep them moving along. Many businesses and hospitality venues have found success creating more elaborate outdoor lounge areas with fire pits and lawn areas to encourage people to enjoy their stay longer. 


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    4. Create a pipeline of tenants/buyers

    It’s important to have potential tenants or buyers in the pipeline, ready to take advantage of any opening that might come available – whether it’s a retail store or business suite. If your landscape architecture makes a bold statement, you will attract people to your property, but the opposite is true too: if your outdoor spaces lack of a great design, you will turn customers away. 

    5. Direct the flow of traffic

    Most businesses want to direct people to entrances, and that can be done by highlighting the entrance points with “site and landscape soft and hardscape elements that complement and highlight architectural cues and building functions, by creating stunning entry experiences or by using architectural materials that match building character such as brick or stone site wall features. Those elements make a bold visual statement in addition to performing an important function. 

    6. Stand out in the community

    An astonishing landscape design is also taken as proof that you value the community around the property, and by installing inviting benches, paths and walkways, it shows that you care about the community. This works to draw more potential clients and customers.

    7. Accentuate the architecture

    After spending much time and thought on the architecture of a mixed-use building or high end residential tower, the next step is to accentuate the structure with great outdoor spaces. Highlight the front entrance with careful color and texture choices, and accentuate the driveway with lines of trees and shrubs. Green walls can also add drama to courtyards and foyers. 

    In closing

    Landscape architecture is an investment in the growth of your architectural practice or development organization. Landscape architects are a valuable asset, and will always contribute to your bottom line.

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