Wondering How to Budget Your Rooftop Amenities in Utah?

    by Brandon Reed / November 6, 2017

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    Amenities installed on your roof deck adds a luxury feel to your development. It improves the architectural aesthetics of the property and provides occupants a place to have an outdoor get-together, or just a spot to sip cocktails while they delight in the world around them. Use this quick guide to learn about what goes into building rooftop amenities, and what it means for your budget.

    Adding rooftop amenities to a development project is an important investment. Together with permitting and design considerations, factors like the size, the materials you choose, and the finishes create many variables impacting the overall cost.

    Size affects price in rooftop amenities

    It makes sense that the larger you go with your rooftop amenities, the more you’ll have to pay to have them constructed. After all, your contractor will need to purchase more materials to increase the square footage. For instance, the average size for a rooftop patio ranges between 150 to 300 square feet. However, you can go larger than that, depending upon your vision, and the size of the roof space. Keep in mind that the local building department may provide size restrictions or guidelines for your rooftop amenities, as well.

    Materials drive final costs

    Probably the number one factor affecting the final cost of your rooftop amenities is the materials you choose. Lumber offers the cheapest option, while using composite or vinyl decking will increase the durability of your patio, meaning you’ll get more longevity out of your space. But it also raises the price up.


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    Additional features bump up the cost

    To capitalize the most on your rooftop amenities, you may find the need to invest in certain additional features, like barbecues, outdoor kitchens, or built-in bars, that can make your rooftop more appealing and comfortable. For each additional feature, plan on spending an extra thousand dollars. If you’d like to use your rooftop deck all year long, expect to spend more to construct a shelter for your rooftop amenities.


    Hard costs, soft costs and design fees

    Hard costs, soft costs and design fees are important in their own way, and are worth considering as a whole - a change in one means a ripple effect for the others. For the purposes of this article, we will refer only to hard costs and design fees.

    Hard costs. The brass tacks of a rooftop amenity project. Labor, materials, and size - each of them tangible and accountable from a design. You will know how much material you will need, and the cost of transporting it. Labor can be altered depending on timeline, but the costs can be eyeballed with an amount of certainty. You should have an idea of your budget from your very first proforma. The trick here is about validating each of these points before finalizing the budget. Your contractor must verify costs and material availabilities beforehand so the construction runs smoothly.


    Design fees. Multiple floor levels, decorative flooring patterns, benches, pergolas - all add to the design fees. Lowballing design fees is shooting yourself in the foot. Design is the plan that the hard costs of the rooftop amenities depend upon, that your budget will draw from, and that will assure a ROI. Without appropriate design costs assigned to the first stages of your budget, you risk everything.


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