Sports & Health: Rooftop Amenities That Make Your Building More Competitive!

    by Brandon Reed / August 14, 2017

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    As the amenity revolution continues to impact the residential scene, architects and developers are looking to stay competitive. It is no surprise, then, that innovative amenity features both attract and retain high-value tenants. So, we continue to list the many examples of rooftop amenities in this sound blog series, and in this post, we address a highly solicited and innovative category: "Sports & Health".

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    Sports & Health: Examples of rooftop amenities

    Indoor/Outdoor Gyms: Fitness on another level (pun intended). Gyms are a common and highly expected amenity space in most high-end residential buildings. It's strategic, cost effective, and a driver of tenant-value when you uplift them out of the basement to the roof! There are many sizes and scopes to rooftop gyms, it is definitely a powerful way to add a high-level gravitas to your building.

    Yoga Studio/Space: An open studio to lay down the mat, stretch and/or get your yoga on. Relaxation and light physical activity are something most of your tenant will place highly in their priority bucket. If your building offers an open indoor/outdoor studio/space for them to achieve this right within the premises of their home, you will see some happy tenants and in return increase your rent-value and your tenant retention rate.

    Bocce Ball Courts: Bring people together with this classic. Bocce ball courts give your amenity a fantastic differentiator from buildings otherwise alike. Consider your location, if there is a competitive gym within a block's radius, it would make sense to offer a more unique option for sport & health feature, and a bocce ball court provides just that: a unique sports & health option that brings people together.

    Ping-pong Tables: A fun and fresh sport for tenants to spend time together. This added feature can be very cost effective, for the cost of acquisition and the maintenance cost are low compared to more robust examples. Also, ping-pong is a well accepted sport, and thus, a great add-on to your amenity.

    Half-sized Basketball Courts: The holy grail for passionate sport enthusiasts. This is a dynamic add-on to your rooftop amenity. It can have many uses, and most importantly, because it is so valuable to a demographic of tenants, it adds tremendous value to you property! While half-sized basketball courts can drive big time value and ROI, they represent a significant investment; therefore, we recommend to do an "amenity-validation" to make sure it is the right play for your property.

    Running Tracks: Rooftop morning and afternoon runs drive tenant value way up! This feature is uncommon in residential buildings mostly because traditional ground floor amenities lack the space and the ambiance to motivate runners. But the rooftop views and open air concept change all of that. If your rooftop counts on a lot of open space, a running track could be a great option.

    Cornhole Courts: Cornhole, bags, bean bag toss, baggo — whatever you want to call it, the possibilities to play the king of all yard games on your rooftop is on the rise. They have become very popular....even more so than bocce ball in many high-end amenity projects.


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