5 key benefits for a rooftop garden

    by Brandon Reed / December 10, 2018

    With a focus on combining nature and luxury, well-designed rooftop gardens can transform buildings into truly beneficial spaces. The purpose-built rooftop design takes an ordinarily unused space and transforms it into an inviting outdoor enclave for any type of space be it a hotel, commercial, or mixed-use space. With the transformed rooftop amenity and green roof spaces come a vast array of benefits to all your valued tenants. These benefits range from air quality boosts to the reduction of stress from everyday life. You can explore these benefits in detail to learn the importance of equipping your tenants’ residences and commercial spaces with rooftop gardens.

    Improvement to Air Quality

    The plantings added to rooftop gardens help improve air quality by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen. When installed in busy cityscapes, the rooftop gardens make a positive impact on pollution levels and the comfort of all your tenants and visitors. The gardens also help reduce the heat island effect, which causes the cityscape to sit at a higher temperature than its surrounding regions. By reducing this effect, greenhouse gas production goes down and air quality improves.

    Stress Reduction

    When rooftop amenity and green roof experts design a roof with luxury in mind, the space can act as a place to unwind and decompress at the day’s end. The combination of relaxing in a hammock while surrounded by lush or vibrant plantings can effectively relieve stress at the end of a long week. Studies have shown that directly viewing flowering plants and foliage can decrease the stress hormones circulating through the body. The reduction in stress may also help to stabilize blood pressure levels and improve the function of the immune system.

    Mood Elevation

    Spending time surrounded by nature in a rooftop garden can serve to improve mood. By testing the moods of people in different environments, researchers found that nature retreats help reduce anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Furthermore, spending time with nature appears to be mentally restorative by reducing fatigue, confusion, and irritability. Rooftop gardens allow for this level of rejuvenation on a daily basis without the need for a lengthy trip to the forest.

    Relief from City Noise

    Rooftop gardens help absorb noise that occurs naturally throughout the cityscape. The increased density and weight of the materials help to block ambient noise occurring directly outside. As the sound waves enter the substrates used for rooftop plant growth, sound waves break up and dissipate before they can reach the rear portion of the building, much less inside. Your tenants will marvel at how their rooftop garden prevents city noises from entering their interior space.

    Boost to Energy Efficiency

    With a green roof installed, outdoor temperatures cause fewer fluctuations inside the building. The rooftop garden helps control heat transfer by blocking the sun’s rays and increasing insulation at the roofline. This results in a more comfortable indoor environment and an overall decrease in energy bills.

    Improving Rooftop Amenities with Innovative Design Techniques for Green

    With the right level of rooftop amenities and green roofs, it is possible to transform an unused rooftop into a truly desirable space that elevates comfort and satisfaction levels to those paying the monthly bill and guests alike. To maximize the benefits, it is important to work with a skilled landscape architect that has expertise and specializes in rooftop amenities.

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