Complete Guide to Rooftop Amenities: Blending Luxury with Performance [eBook]

    by Brandon Reed / September 14, 2017

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    Whether you are developing a multifamily complex, mixed-use development, or innovative student housing project, rooftop amenities are part of building up your thriving business. For many developers, the construction process is full of anticipation as they watch their vision becoming a reality. For others, it brings on a feeling of anxiety as financial resources must be directed to an area of the business they are less familiar with.

    In any case, risk mitigation is crucial to a successful rooftop amenity project around the state of Utah and beyond. The bulk of it is simple - cover all of your bases. There are a handful of points, however, that are often overlooked by developers and architects.

    In this new eBook, Complete Guide to Rooftop Amenities: Blending Luxury with Performance, we have assembled some important information that many developers fall short in researching before it becomes a problem, and we hope that you find it of use.


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    Topics covered in this publication:

    • Refine your vision
    • Identify the physical challenges
    • Engage a landscape architect early on
    • Reflect rooftop amenities in your proforma
    • Don't make luxury a liability


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