Outdoor Amenities and Your Site: Where Your Development Should Invest Your Cash to Maximize Your Green

    by Brandon Reed / May 31, 2018

     You’ve heard location, location, location, but without amenities, competitive developments in the same approximate location can easily usurp potential dwellers. While rooftop amenities have gained popularity in recent years, it’s especially enticing to urban residents, generally challenged to find any outdoor space within the confines––albeit often luxurious confines––of apartment life.

    Outdoor design is a pillar in the overall allure and lease-ability for any type of new development. This is true for multifamily, mixed-use, student housing, commercial, and workplace buildings. Attracting the right, high-value tenants to your development property during lease-up is key to maximizing success on your ROI.

    Developers and investors know how important it is to align new property development and investments with the expectations of potential high-value tenants while remaining diligent to the expectations of the community and the ever-growing awareness around sustainability and eco-forward design. Positioning developments in the local community as green and makes them more leasable and it’s great marketing for your projects and overall brand reputation. Rooftop amenities amp up the appeal and with great landscape architecture, are an identifiable manifestation of the green movement.

    All of this appeal comes with a price tag so it’s critical to determine ahead of time what to invest your capital on up front. Rooftop amenities sell themselves when it comes to improving lifestyle and residents’ wish lists. Why move into a building with nothing but exhaust fans and that becomes hot as a frying pan in the summer when you could live where the design continues above the ceilings onto a rooftop with greenery, shade, lounge areas or even a hammock garden? Above all, people want a great experience so it’s worth the effort and venture to bring an intangible vision to fruition when it comes to quality of life.

    Amenities with proven ROI are always an ideal investment. Green roof technologies extend the life of costly HVAC systems and increase the durability and longevity of rooftop materials. Of course, green roofs also amp up the aesthetics for residents and public alike, reduce the Urban Heat Island effect, and improve air quality. If the rooftop is a public space there is likely an opportunity for income as a result if how space is used, think restaurant terrace or recreation

    area. In a growing number of cities, legislation is catching up to green initiatives with cash incentives for sustainably designed properties.

    The best way to ensure your capital goes into the most opportune amenities with the most complementary design, a super skilled and creative landscape architect is an absolute must! Look for someone interested in a true partner who has similar comprehensive goals, understands how to consider zoning, and has unmatched creative vision. For more insider tips and tricks on finding an Landscape Architecture Design Partner for your project, here are three critical guidelines to follow on your search.

    Interested in green roofs? Our latest guide takes you through making them sexy!
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