Living & Sharing: Captivating Rooftop Amenities for Multifamily and Residential Towers

    by Brandon Reed / August 7, 2017

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    As part of a continuing series of posts aimed at listing the many features of rooftop amenities that architects and developers can include in their projects, in this post we share some of the features that the "Living & Sharing" category encompasses.

    When leveraging an amenity space as a value driver for the property, the acceptability rate from tenants is vital. Living & Sharing features have high acceptability rates because they are reachable and relatable to most people as opposed to more demographic specific features like gyms, spas, clubs and others.

    This is the second instalment of our "The Sky Is the Limit for Rooftop Amenities" series. You might want to check out some of the other posts as well.

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    Living & Sharing: Examples of rooftop amenities

    Common Wi-Fi Areas: A place to lounge, work and socialize. These are spaces designed as a living area for tenants to hang out with friends, family and visit. Typically, these are casual open spaces with seating areas and sometimes tables or work desks.

    Dining Areas: City view dinners? As units and office space gets smaller, tenants value the ability to share a meal with friends or family in an open space. Dinning areas can include small tables that sit two or four, and even picnic tables to sit the whole family.

    BBQ Areas: Behold the power to unite of the BBQ. This is a value driver for many rooftops. The BBQ pit is a cultural element that brings people together. Consider adding a couple of dining BBQ areas to your rooftop, and you will see a value increase to the property endorsed by happy tenants.

    TV Lounges: Netflix or YouTube or Cable, people love to watch TV with family and friends. Adding a comfortable TV lounge to your rooftop amenity can go a long way in increasing amenity usage. This is a creative and functional way to attract high-value tenants. TV lounges can also be designed as Community Cinemas by implementing a more open air concept, and the use of a video beam as a projector.

    Fire Pits: Enable the roof all year around. People like to share, and they like to do so all year around. The "campfire" has always brought people together. Including a fire pit to your rooftop amenity enables it all year around. Also, it provides a place where folks can gather around to tell stories or just relax by the fire with loved ones.

    Sundecks: Sun bathing with skyline views. This is the ultimate relax spot. You will find your renters highly value a place where they can escape the city to relax, take in the sun or have a nap as the sun comes down. Sundecks can be made from wood, and are designed as wide open spaces that provide distance and privacy from the rest of the amenity.

    Grass Patches: That's right, bring nature to the roof. You would be surprised how much someone will value the ability to lay down a towel and relax on the grass within the parameters of their building, and away from the street noise and sound contamination down below. Grass patches are a remarkable and family friendly feature that complement any rooftop.

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