How a Landscape Architecture Firm Can Complement Your Next Residential Tower Project

    by Brandon Reed / January 30, 2017

    "designing rooftop amenities, rooftop amenities  architects, rooftop amenity design, utah landscape architect, landscape architect utah, rooftop amenity architects utah"As the developer market keeps on gaining momentum, architecture firms are picking up more and more residential tower projects. Also, creativity has reached new levels as architects redefine city skylines with daring design and building artistry. Outdoor living spaces are following a similar trend.

    In this post I would like to bring light as to how landscape architecture in unison with architects can complement the design of residential tower projects by conceptualizing and designing innovative outdoor living spaces that are plentiful and strengthens the idea of your architectural design.

    Outdoor living spaces in residential towers

    When it comes to residential, architects agree: outdoor amenities inspire a sense of community and well being. As the average unit size in residential towers has decreased significantly in the last decades, all developers, architects, and tenants have placed a high value on common spaces that enable them to breathe the outdoors as they lounge, work, and socialize.

    The outdoor amenity is not only a must nowadays; it also represents a tremendous opportunity to enrich a residential tower. Additional penthouse views for every tenant, for instance, is a classy entitlement to boast on a property; imagine what that would look like with an appended hot tub or pool.

    The possibilities are endless with outdoor living spaces and residential towers. That's why partnering up with a specialized landscape architecture firm becomes a strategic move for architecture firms.

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    Landscape architecture and residential towers

    As principal of a landscape architecture firm, it has been my vision to design spaces that are used by people, a lot like your architecture firm would with a building except for us, it's everything that's outside. Residential towers of course represent a great occasion for us to employ our creativity and expand on the essence of the architectural design.

    That's right! An architect's design is the single most predominant source of inspiration for a landscape architect to conceptualize and develop an outdoor living space. Every architect has his or her own personality in design; every firm has a unique style and demeanour that their architects capture and represent. Our job as designers of outdoor living spaces, is to absorb that essence and create amenities that complement it.

    In the context of residential towers, our work goes a step beyond to enhance living experience of tenants outside. We seek to conceptualize spaces that resonate with the properties's target market to lift the added value that traditional amenities bring to residential. Landscape Architecture is a craft of democratization of common outdoor spaces for tenants to value and appreciate a building both inside and outside.

    Final words

    As your next residential project begins to thrive, take in consideration the outdoor living space and the added value it can provide. Engage your landscape architect early on in the process of conceptualization and design, and together, bring life to innovative amenities that will add value to both tenants and your developer clients.


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