Fundamentals of High-Level Landscape Architecture for Developers [eBook]

    by Brandon Reed / October 2, 2017

    Fundamentals Of high-level Landscape Architecture for Developers

    Landscape architectural design is much more than “shrubbing it up” around a high end residential or commercial property. Savvy and sophisticated developers realize that a thoughtful, well-planned landscape architectural design is a capital investment that yields long-term benefits in terms of increased brand awareness, business value, and greater profitability.

    They view and value landscape architecture as an important component of their growth and success of their development ventures – whether it’s a new shopping mall, a high-end multi-family tower, a professional office building, or a student housing development.

    High-level landscape architecture is not a cost, but an investment in your development organization’s success.

    In this eBook, Fundamentals of High-Level Landscape Architecture for Developers, we take a look at some of the broader principles of high-level landscape architecture, as well as some key strategies in creating outstanding designs suitable for any urban or suburban development project.


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    Topics covered in this publication:

    • High-level Landscape Architectural Site Design – Why Is It Beneficial?
    • Site Assessment & Analysis: The Place to Start!
    • Enhancing User Experience Through Landscape Architecture
    • The Importance of People-Oriented Landscape Architectural Design
    • Value-Driven Amenities that Make Outdoor Areas More Memorable
    • Engaging a Landscape Architecture Firm: The Key to Success

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