Don’t Fall Behind: Hiring the right Landscape Architecture Firm to Put you Ahead of Competition

    by Brandon Reed / April 4, 2018

    Did you hear that? Design booms are happening across the world inside (and outside!) workspaces, student rentals, and multi-family and other dense housing projects. Thanks to Silicon Valley and companies like Google and Facebook, having an outdoor amenity spaces where employees can work and destress is now critical to the design of the project.

    If your next project doesn’t feature an outdoor amenity or rooftop space, you’re already behind the eight ball. Competition is fierce and high level rooftop amenity spaces are getting the attention of buyers faster than spaces without. At Loft Six Four, we’re seeing a huge demand for outdoor amenities where employees or tenants can work and play. We’re creating more and more interesting spaces that help differentiate our clients projects from the one down the street.

    To get ahead of the competition, we recommend a 3-step approach to designing outdoor spaces that attract companies and buyers. Here’s how we do it:


    Next is the process we use to design. First we understand the scope of the work and understand what the architecture program entails. Then we look into things like: The history of the site and surrounding area context, the city’s needs, and the developers end goals. Finally we do research, and lots of it. Who will live here? Who will work here? What will they desire? Sometimes this means hiring outside research firms and sometimes we do the intellectual sourcing in house.

    We take all information collected and use it as an idea to relate and harmonize our design to the architecture.


    A critical piece to starting a relationship between the architect and the landscape architect, collaboration should begin immediately. We recommend a Pow Wow approach, where we hold a series of quick, easy, and fun brainstorms with our architects and other stakeholders in order to get all ideas out on the table. From there the relationship is naturally collaborative as the design of the outdoor space has been formed together with the architecture not losing any of it’s beauty, intent, or purpose.


    When it comes to creative design, this is where we uniquely shine. Loft Six Four has elevated the landscape architecture game with idea-driven design. Our work has made headlines in Utah and beyond with our use of innovative amenities and an eye for what the user will desire. Between stunning rooftop pools, unique hammock gardens, and cozy fire pits, our team will ensure the amenities line up with buyer’s demands to sell your property fast.



    Get ahead of the competition by incorporating stunning rooftop and outdoor amenity space design with the integrated functionality of the architecture. Discovery, Collaboration, and Design are a 3-step system unique to Loft Six Four and our landscape architecture design studio in Utah. Learn more by scheduling time with us to talk design and upcoming projects. Click here for more.

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    Brandon Reed

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