A Roadmap To Increasing Property Value With Rooftop Amenities [eBook]

    by Brandon Reed / May 3, 2017

    A Roadmap To Increasing Property Value With Rooftop Amenities [eBook].png Investing in commercial real estate can be a financially and personally rewarding opportunity when done strategically. Therefore, savvy developers and investors strive to maximize profits from their commercial investments by increasing the value of their property through multiple different techniques.

    There is an increasing acknowledgement in the development industry that building amenities –in particular, rooftop amenities- delivers benefits for all concerned, from residents to investors.

    With the addition of rooftop amenities, the value of an investment property will rise exponentially, creating an overall higher payout and increasing tenant retention rates.

    So, you are ready to start your next project!

    In this eBook we provide a roadmap to increasing the value of your commercial or residential investment property with rooftop amenities.


    Topics covered in this eBook

    • Why add amenities to a development project?
    • Avoid the Vacancy Plague
    • Rooftop amenities based on ROI
    • Resort-style living experience
    • Strategy + Design

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