3 of The Most Influential Rooftop Designs That Inspire

    by Brandon Reed / May 9, 2018

    Rooftop design and other similar “above street level podium deck design” has become a trending topic throughout the US, as more and more developments are utilizing the open spaces in their urban developments for creating the places where people want to be with customized outdoor amenities people actually use. This is not a new trend, however, as rooftop garden and amenity design has been incorporated throughout the world in multiple scenarios, ranging from gardens, to plazas, to pools, and even sports facilities.

    These designed spaces are extremely valuable in urban developments, and bring an immensely high return on investment when it comes to choosing what amenities to offer. So what makes a great rooftop design? Here are 4 examples that stand out to us.

    The Highline

    highline 03_james corner field operations website

    “Since it’s opening in 2009, the High Line has become an icon for innovative design, a defining landmark and tourist attraction feature in its neighborhood, a powerful catalyst for billions of dollars in real estate and other investment and an inspiration to cities worldwide.  The design is characterized by an intimate choreography of movement, with alternating vistas and experiences. Distinctive paving, planting, furnishing, lighting and social spaces create an authentic and memorable New York City experience. The High Line is widely recognized as a huge success and demonstrates the value in creating new and fresh public spaces in the City.”  - Field Operations

    Hilton Pattaya


    “Pattaya was famous for beautiful long beaches and unobstructed sea views. However, due to lacking local regulations, the beach is now crowded with nightclubs and bars. In order to avoid the noisy beach, Hilton Pattaya, a 200-room hotel, is built on the roof of a new shopping mall. The goal was to reconnect the Landscape with Pattaya’s beautiful sea view one more time.” - TROP

    Veranda Pattaya


    “Veranda Pattaya Project consists of 2 main parts, one is low-rise hotel and villas, and the other one is high-rise condominium. The project is located on a linear shaped site with a narrow beach access. The hotel zone consists of 3 buildings with capacity of 146 keys. The design of the architecture was inspired by modern architecture in Spain and Portugal that looks simple, modern, and yet elegance. The design intention of the lobby space is to bring the sea inside by integrating between the space and the landscape’s pool.” - Office of Bangkok Architect

    What makes these places so stand out? What separates them from others? Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these spaces are exceptionally well thought-out, intentionally design spaces for the users that fulfill a need for the development. Whether it’s a sustainable reuse project or simply an urban high rise trying to maximize its potential green space, projects that solve for the user and that put the functionality of the space first always turn out for the better.

    The developments listed above were chosen because they meet most of the requirements below:

    1. Recognition - whether through awards or simply by individuals who know the space, this keeps people coming back
    2. Consumer appreciation - people simply love the spaces they are in and can admire it for the functionality and beauty
    3. Stunning views - a great open space uses the surrounding environment as a backdrop
    4. Great location - a development in the right area can add so much value to the surrounding neighborhood, in turn increasing property value
    5. Innovative and Original Design - critical to most developments, a well-planned design adds intrinsic value to the spaces we’re in
    6. Repurposing and reuse - when you can turn something outdated and misused into something great again, it’s simply magic.

    These projects are great sources of inspiration for your next high level rooftop design. The right kind of open space is critical to increasing the return on investment and building excitement around your next development.

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