10 Reasons Why a Landscape Architect Is a Must for Student Housing Developments

    by Brandon Reed / November 28, 2017

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    When thinking of landscape architecture, these words probably come to mind: landscape design, environmentally compatible, sustainable, and beautiful. These are accurate descriptions; however, the value of bringing an experienced landscape architect into the planning, design, and construction phases of a student housing development project is even more profound.

    A well thought out landscape or exterior design should be an integral part of every architectural plan – and with good reason. When done right, it will pay handsome dividends. An investment in a professional landscape design will give developers a great return on investment (ROI).

    As part of our ongoing series aimed at providing architects and developers valuable insights that can assist them in creating relevant and exceptional outdoor living environments for students that will result in higher returns on investment (ROI), in this article, we list 10 reasons why a landscape architect is fundamental for the success of a student housing development project.

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    The traditional reasons for landscape architecture in multifamily developments are: to create a sense of place for the building, enhance the ambiance of the outdoor built environment, as well as design unique outdoor spaces -both active and passive. However, there are other valuable reasons why developers should engage a professional landscape architect in their student housing developments. We list some of them below.

    1. Turn a vision into reality

    One of the most rewarding aspects of working with landscape architects is their ability to turn an initial vision into a built reality. With the developer’s vision to guide them, landscape architects will create design concepts, sketches, renderings, and buildable plans to show what the developer’s vision could look like, and then make it a meaningful and functional reality.


    2. Add to property value

    One of the best ways to add value to your investment is to ensure that your student housing development is just as beautiful outdoors as it is in.  A professional landscape architect is trained to create a balanced and harmonious plan that will deliver both exterior appeal and long-term value, while still complementing your budget. 


    3. Provide sustainable solutions

    Having a brilliant design concept or idea does not guarantee its successful implementation and sustainability. This is where landscape architects come in. They adopt a realistic and practical approach while planning a landscape design for your student development, and guide you throughout the process. Taking care to correctly allocate the placement of different elements, landscape architects come up with plans that are not only practical but also sustainable. Additionally, landscape architects are well-versed in the application of sustainable design approaches and solutions like habitat creations and enhancements, permeable paving and soft landscaping solutions for urban environments, green roofs and green walls, etc.


    4. Create innovative and unique design solutions

    Landscape architects have the power to transform outdoor spaces and make your student housing development more attractive and unique with innovative and creative ideas that are site specific and project compatible.


    5. Design engaging high-level amenities 

    Student engagement is a critical piece to all student housing development projects. This is key to the ultimate success of any project. Make sure to add high level outdoor amenities that can accommodate a diverse array of potential uses of those outdoor spaces.


    6. Devise plans to be approved by local authorities

    While applying for planning permission, a landscape plan needs to be developed and approved by local authorities. There are various factors that are considered before a landscape plan is approved, such as its potential contribution towards enhancing the overall environment in the area, geological conservation, etc. A professional landscape architect considers all relevant factors while devising a landscape plan so that it easily gets approved.


    7. Manage projects to completion and beyond

    A landscape architect oversees the entire project to ensure its successful implementation. Project management and effective planning are two key factors that contribute towards the successful implementation of a landscape design. A professional landscape architect is capable of countering any problems that may arise during design implementation and makes sure that a site is developed in accordance with the design plan and as specified.


    8. Bring value for money

    By hiring a landscape architect, you can rest assured that you will get complete value for money. Professional assistance can make a great deal of difference to the end result. A unique design, effective and sustainable plan and successful implementation of the design plan through the assistance of a professional landscape architect guarantees that you make the most out of your investment.


    9. Collaborate with other professionals

    Collaborating with other professionals such as architects, plumbing, electrical and structural engineers, and other professionals, landscape architects are able to integrate into design teams and produce results in a shorter amount of time.


    10. Ensure the highest level of quality in construction

    Construction details and detailed specification are kept to ensuring a project is constructed to the highest quality once it commences on site. Each student housing development project has different features all of which are thoroughly designed to ensure they are built as intended.


    In closing

    Engaging a landscape architect can make the difference between a successful student housing accommodation and a vacant one. Here at LoftSixFour, we provide high quality landscape architectural design by qualified and professional landscape architects who can help you design and create ideal exterior areas for your development projects. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your requirements.


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